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SISO Carport -
- leaves nothing to be desired
High-quality, complete and quickly installed

  • easy to install within a short period of time
  • optional extra: mounting support on site
  • material: aluminum anodized; the connection elements are made of V2A steel
  • for up to 4 vehicles - and can also be further extended afterwards
  • delivered with complete static calculation
  • delivered with foundation plan
  • optional extra: including a charging system for electric cars
  • optional extra: including a solar roof
  • optional extra: including a solar mounting system with theft-protection
  • optional extra: including a rain gutter
  • optional extra: including screw ground anchors, so that there is no need for a complex concrete foundation
Carport including a solar plant
Solar carports are a popular extension or alternative to the classic rooftop installation. Your advantage: in general, they can be installed independently from the roof shape and roof orientation and thus consistently deliver a reliable energy yield.

The SISO carport system is flexible and thus allows an optimal adaptation to the local conditions. This is possible because of the innovative and unique connection principle of the SISO mounting system. A specially coated screw cuts itself inside an aluminum screw channel; pre-drilling and additional plug-in components are unnecessary. The result is particularly solid connection that operates at any desired spot. This particular connection ensures fast mounting.
Different options
SISO carports are available in different varieties and are delivered with detailed mounting and foundation plans. Carports with 1-4 parking spaces are standard constructions with different roof inclinations and orientations.
Customized constructions
SISO carports can of course also be individually planned and designed by our own design engineer. No matter what - we make it happen.

During the project planning, individual desires and special requirement can be considered. Every rail can be trimmed according to customer desires, which enables a continuous roof pitch from 10°. This is a big advantage for people who are interested in solar carports, since the energy yield of the solar carport can be specifically maximized. The SISO carport can be as high as four meters and therefore also offers space for jeeps and smaller trucks. Hence, it is also an ideal solution for the industrial sectors. The fixation can optionally be made with ground anchors or solid concrete foundations. The foundation plan and the static background information are also included in the purchase.

Its your choice
Optionally, charging system for electric cars and the suitable photovoltaic system can also be supplied directly by us. The carport can also be delivered with a rain gutter.
High-quality materials made in Germany
SISO Carports exclusively consist of high-quality materials. The carrying elements are made of aluminum, all connection elements of stainless steel and the roof is made of steel sheet with a powder coating. The base is made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and the stiffening ropes are made of galvanized steel.

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