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Screws with a system
The new rapid assembly for mounting solar panels

Based on longtime mounting experience and the resulting expertise, an idea was born: the development of a simple mounting system where as few single parts as possible are needed. Ideally, only a single mounting tool should be used, which can be simultaneously used for theft protection mounting. In this connection, it should not make any difference whether the screws are mounted into wood or metal.

Thus, the two business managers Stefan Hilleke from Neuenrade and Josef Mittermeier from Garmisch-Partenkirchen founded the SISO GmbH in 2010. A new and innovative fixation system with only a single unique mounting channel was developed.

The world innovation "made in Germany", for which a patent has been applied, is a fast mounting system for secure solar panel fixation. "SISO" represents a quick and simple mounting solution with an impressive degree of flexibility and added security.

Missing screws, uneven components or the wrong kind of plug-in parts - unexpected holdups are an everyday occurrence at every installation site. It is precisely the solar energy sector where time plays an especially important role - the sooner the solar panel installation is connected to the public grid, the higher the yields for the operator. An installation period that drags out is not only irksome for the customer but inevitably drives up personnel costs. With the SISO mounting system these problems are a thing of the past. Following the "Simply - Screw -Done" principle, on average, the SISO system saves a not inconsiderable figure of between 30 and 50 percent of time - a clear advantage over other mounting systems. Just bolt down - and that's all there is to it.

In addition, SISO is versatile applicable: from the fixation of solar modules up to carports - there are many possibilities to use SISO. Even tables were built out of the SISO system.

Finally, the system was first introduced to the market at the Intersolar 2010. The enthusiasm as well as the positive feedback by the specialist audience was enormous. The mounting system proved also very popular among the trade press.